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1918 WWI Trench Knife Replica


Battle-ready Military knives ready for action!

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If you’re looking for the biggest selection of battle-ready military knives, is your destination. Including tough-as-nails fixed blade knives, tactical Bowie knives and razor-sharp assisted opening pocket knives, all of our military knives are designed for combat, even if you decide to use it for display. In addition to functional military knives, we offer a selection of historically accurate, military knife replicas from USMC sabers to bayonets and WWI trench knives - perfect for military enthusiasts and collectors.


  • What kind of military knives do you have?
    Our selection of military knives includes tough fixed blades, tactical bowies, trench knives and assisted opening combat pocket knives.
  • What brands of military knives do you carry?
    The brands of military knives that we carry include KA-BAR, USMC, M48 OPS and Gerber.
  • Do you have reproduction military knives?
    Yes, we have reproduction military knives including W.W.I and W.W.II knives and Vietnam Era knives.

Top Customer Reviews

  • James

    I bought three of these. Gave one to each of my sons. Before being used the pommel fell off my knife. The pin had not gone through the hole in the handle. I used some JB Weld epoxy and fixed that. More serious the steel 420 SS is NOT HARD. A 6" mill file cuts the steel easily. It is easy to sharpen but will hold an edge only a short while. A good value for a kids first knife since it is easy to sharpen and not a reason to worry about damaging a fine knife. I bought a real KA-BAR made in the USA from 1095 carbon steel. It is easy to sharpen but a file won't cut the steel and it will hold an edge. It is also 4-1/2 times more ewxpesive.

    Review of: USMC Combat Fighter Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath
  • James

    Wonderful knife I was afraid it would be bad because of the price. But no it is excellent I have worked it into my weekly edc knife rotation now.

    Review of: M-16 Tactical Bayonet Knife
  • James

    I bought one and it arrived in less than a week with std free shipping. After examining the set I ordered two more as birthday presents for my sons. They are both over 35. The short sword has some flex. I haven't tried to break it but it appears to be very tough, The grip is OK with one hand and there is room for two hands. I have sharpened the knife and the steel seems to be hard and the edge seems good. I used a diamond coarse and fine 6 x1 " Well worth $30. BUDK has another winner.

    Review of: USMC Blackout Fighter Knife And Combat Sword Set
  • Jeremy

    Got this guy in a mystery bad. Very surprised by how nice it is! Instantly went in the personal stash

    Review of: V42 Military Stiletto Dagger with Sheath
  • Trey

    I received my WW1 trench knife replica this morning and I was amazed how close it was to the real thing. I've seen 4 and handled 2 real ones and the Bud K version is dam close. The originals had one of the 3 makers names on the brass handle; Henry Dotson & Sons, Landers, Frary & Clary, or Oneida Community. They were also made in France under contract to the US Army and those were marked Au Lion on the blade. All of the original knives were painted black, blade & brass handle, so moon light would not reflect off it in the dark. This blade is 6 3/8" vs an original 6 3/4". All in all the Bud K WW1 Trench Knife is as good as I'll get since originals are selling for $900 to $1000.00 and upward. Keep up the good work Bud K!!

    Review of: 1918 WWI Trench Knife Replica