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Top quality training with safety in mind, our wooden and bamboo Practice Swords are just the thing to buy!

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Take your skills to the next level with a top-quality practice sword. Perfect for sparring and training, each of our training swords are expertly made with your safety in mind. Whether you’re learning self-defense for the first time or are maintaining a master skill set, has exactly what you’re looking for, from practice katanas to wooden and bamboo training swords.


  • What’s a practice sword used for?
    A practice sword is used when training in the art of swordcraft, whether its Japanese or Medieval style. It allows the student to train without the danger of harm to himself or others.
  • What kind of practice swords do you have?
    We have a selection of practice swords in different styles from broadswords to katanas, crafted of materials like wood and polypropylene.
  • What’s a shinai?
    A shinai is a Japanese practice sword that is specifically made of bamboo and is primarily used to train in the art of kendo, which is a modern martial art descended from traditional swordsmanship.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Joshua

    This polypropylene training medieval sword is the only way to master sword fighting without the risk of injury. Each sword is constructed of high-impact resistant polypropylene that will withstand years of brutal training. Looks and feels just like a real medieval sword, but it's safe for sword fighting.

    Review of: Polypropylene Middle Ages Sword
  • James Evans

    This item is only able to be used as either a display or just as a technique reference tool NOT FOR ACTUAL SPARRING! It makes a great toy or for use teaching a child about sword safety and teaching them techniques they can later transfer over to with a real blade.

    Review of: 2-Piece Samurai Warrior Wood Sword Set
  • Craig Townsend

    this bokken is well worth the money. It is of a quality that is only found in much more expensive bokkens. It is perfect in weight and size for women and short stature Students, which is hard to find. The guard is way to loose which is of no matter for aikido students since we take the tsuba off anyway. buy this one it is well worth the money!!

    Review of: Natural Wood Daito Sword
  • Elizabeth Guaico

    I just got this sword in the mail and let me say, it is amazing! It's 3x better then I thought it would be. The quality is great, the weight is nice and, well, weighty! Not to mention that the blade is nice and squishy so that you don't get yourself hurt!

    Review of: Red Sparring Foam Bokken Sword