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Rambo Last Blood Heartstopper Knife


A large variety Collectible Bowie Knives.

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If you’re looking for Bowie knives with functionality and style, has the widest selection of collectible Bowie knives at the lowest prices. All of our ornamental Bowie knives have been custom made to be completely functional and display ready. You’ll find Bowie knives celebrating veterans and America, featuring intricate handles and engraving, Rambo replicas and limited edition Gil Hibben masterpieces – found nowhere else but


  • What kind of collectible bowies do you have?
    Our collectible bowie knives come in an array of styles including Gil Hibben must-haves, patriotic tributes and movie memorabilia knives.
  • Are your collectible bowies functional, too?
    Yes, absolutely! Our collectible bowie knives still have sharp blades and sturdy handles.
  • Do you have limited edition collectible bowies?
    We have limited edition collectible bowies come in premium stainless steel, D2 tool steel and high carbon steel.