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Night Watchman Self Defense SAP CAP


Pristine Caps to cover your head at any event!

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Baseball-style caps, flat-top caps, cotton beanies and helmets are just some of the Head Gear you’ll find at We have hats with military designs, skull designs, Second Amendment designs and American flag designs.


  • What kind of designs do your caps have?
    We have patriotic designs, veteran tributes and caps with funny messages.
  • What’s a trucker-style cap?
    A trucker-style cap has a back panel that is entirely made of polyester mesh for ventilation and is usually adjustable with a Velcro back strap.
  • What’s a sap cap?
    A sap cap is a discreet, self-defense weapon that is completely invisible. Sewn into the back panel of the cap is a pouch filled with a dense material like lead that will pack quite a punch. The sap cap is used as a striking weapon.