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Serpent Breath Sword Of Uhtred


Bring fantasy to life with our collection of battle-ready fantasy swords!

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Bring fantasy to life with’s collection of battle-ready fantasy swords. Our selection includes various types of swords, from fantasy sword sets and katanas to steampunk blades and Lord of the Rings replicas. Choose from top-quality, affordable swords that make the legends a reality.


  • What kind of swords are in this category?
    In this category, you’ll find a wide variety of fantasy swords with unique, otherworldly designs from world-renown sword designers and licensed reproduction weapons from popular movies.
  • Are your “Hobbit” swords legitimate?
    Absolutely! Our line of weapons from “The Hobbit” movie franchise are officially licensed, accurate reproductions of the props used in the films.
  • What is a “Kit Rae” sword?
    Kit Rae is a legendary fantasy knife and sword designer with a worldwide following. We have some of his most collectible swords and weapons that customers clamor for.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Vince S.

    What can't I say about this sword! It's another great work of the fantasy master Kit Rae. When I first took it out of the box, I couldn't believe the size of this thing! It's freakin humoungous, and it is really detailed with lots of unique markings. It even came with a Kit Rae autographed fantasy art print to hang next to it on the wall! I can't wait to get more Kit Rae from BUDK!

    Review of: Kit Rae Mithrodin Sword
  • Bruce G.

    Rating 5 star I'd been searching for a great fantasy sword that I could not only hang on the wall but actually do some damage with, and the "Red Guardian Sword" is it! I took it out of the box and immediately took down a tree in my parent's front yard. It was about a 5" thick oak tree and it went down in only a minute! I love the red guardian because it's FULL-TANG! Can't wait to get another one.

    Review of: Red Guardian Fantasy Sword with Sheath
  • Martin L.

    I came home and ordered Orcrist as soon as I got out of the premier! This sword is freaking ridculous! It's gigantic number 1, and it looks identical to the sword that Thorin Oakenshield uses in the movie! I must've gotten the only one that was in stock at the time because I went to order another and it's been backordered! Man!! Can't wait to get another one to actually use, this one is going on the wall with my other LOTR swords

    Review of: Hobbit Orcrist Sword of Thorin Oakenshield