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Hibben Belt Buckle Knife and Belt


A great stylish collection of belts and buckles.

1 - 8 of 8 has a collection of great-looking Belts and Buckles to fit any style – dressed up or dressed down. We also have sturdy nylon webbing utility belts to fit your tactical needs.


  • What kind of belts do you have?
    We carry a selection of belts in dress-up and dress-down designs and utility and tactical designs.
  • What’s a quick-release buckle?
    Used in a variety of tactical gear including rigger’s belts, a quick-release buckle can be opened, one-handed by squeezing in the sides and pulling. This releases the tab from its slot, which it is securely snapped-in to.
  • What’s a rigger’s belt?
    A rigger’s belt is used by military, law enforcement agencies and rescue departments because they’re made to hold the weight of equipment like a holster and pistol, flashlights, knives in sheaths and rescue tools. They’re constructed of tough nylon webbing with quick-release buckles, and some have brackets or grommets as a way to attach gear.