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Havoc Chain Link Assisted Opening Pocket Knife


Our Assisted Opening Knives snap open quickly with spring-loaded tension. We have a huge selection- choose from a tactical blade to a perfect everyday carry pocket knife. If you like these, check out our other fast-deploying blades like our Switchblade Style Stilettos or an Automatic OTF. We have a huge selection of Knives for Sale!

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BUDK offers assisted opening knives in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your exact needs. Like automatic opening knives, spring-assisted blades allow you to access your pocket knife quickly and easily for day-to-day tasks. Choose from BUDK’s wide selection of affordable assisted opening pocket knives, including assisted open stiletto blades, stainless steel pocket knives, and those for everyday carry.


  • What’s an assisted opening knife?
    An assisted opening knife is a pocket knife that has a mechanism that assists you in deploying the blade.
  • What kind of assisted opening pocket knives do you have?
    Our selection of pocket knives includes traditional styles, tactical, fantasy and everyday carry.
  • What brands of assisted opening pocket knives do you carry?
    Our assisted opening knife brands include Kershaw, Smith & Wesson, Timber Wolf, Schrade and Gerber.

Top Customer Reviews

  • John

    I keep it oily with Machine gun grease, but, it's practical and quite handy. I like how it has the safefty switch and it is slip-resistant. I live in a rough city, travel a lot and now got a handy knife should I ever need it. Great job, BuDK. ---customer for life!!

    Review of: Schrade Extreme First Generation OTF Assisted Opening Pocket Knife
  • Terry

    I recently purchased five of these Kriegar Karnivores and I must tell you that I think they're very nice. They're very good looking,have good heft to them,and are priced right.

    Review of: Kriegar Karnivore Assisted Opening Pocket Knife
  • Zackary

    I bought six knives at the close out deal time, and by far this was the best. Getting two knives for the price of one is already great, but they are also decently sharp. I hurt myself trying to open them though, luckily not the blade part, when it opened the back of the blade hit my thumb knuckle (as it takes some force and getting used to to open them). The smaller of the two (or at least in my case) is harder to open but also sharper, and the bigger of the two had at the bottom of the blade two very small chips (but it is almost unnoticeable unless you look super closely). I am very happy with them. Oh and P.S. they also make great letter openers becasue of their shape.

    Review of: Black Legion Cyclone Assisted Open Stiletto Set