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High-quality, fully-functional Multi Tools and unbeatable prices.

1 - 10 of 10 knows that there is nothing more useful than a Multi-Tool! When you think of the bank for your buck that you are getting in one item, it just can’t be beat. It is like having a complete toolbox in your pocket, glove box, camping gear or bug-out bag in one, compact form. From the needle nose pliers and screwdrivers to the knife and saw, in our traditional multi-tools, you have something for every situation. Then, take a look at our selection of non-traditional multi-tools that have features like LED flashlights, wrenches, pry bars, rulers and even wire strippers, and now you have the entire toolbox. guarantees its customers complete satisfaction and competitive prices on high-quality products that give you years and years of use.


  • What’s a multi-tool?
    A multi-tool is like having a complete toolbox in your pocket, glove box or camping gear in one, compact form. From needle-nose pliers and screwdrivers to scissors and files, you have something for every situation.
  • I’m looking for a multi-tool that’s small enough to fit on my keychain?
    Yes, absolutely. We have several multi-tools in different shapes and sizes with different arrays of tools, perfectly suited to fit on a keychain.
  • What kind of tools can I find with the multi-tools in this category?
    The selection of multi-tools that we have include, aside from the common tools, LED flashlights, wrenches, wire strippers and even pry-bars.
  • What is the best multi-tool I can buy?
    There are a lot of great multi-tool options out there but some of the premium brands are Gerber, Smith & Wesson, Trailblazer and Bushmaster.

Top Customer Reviews

  • jim

    Heavy duty, solid construction. All the tools lock in place when opened. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is that the tools lock facing down, so when your cutting or sawing the handle restricts the full use of the blades. It's a minor thing other people may not even mind. Other than that it's still a great EDC.

    Review of: Gerber Diesel Multi-Tool
  • Frank

    Razor sharp, right out of the box. Thats everything: Half serrated knife, saw, sciscors that fold away beautiflly. Will hold up to the test. Apriciate the easy to open slide vs folding, much more accesible and quick for any task. A++ would surely recomend to those looking. 60x more valuable than that paper stuff used to buy it...

    Review of: Multi Tools Gerber Diesel Black Multi Tool with Sheath
  • Lollipopcuttwr

    Great multi tool got it as a gift for my birthday, its great especially the suspension, the serrated knife is super sharp and you can easily cut yourself by accidentally touching it, so be careful the sharpness doesn't go dull. Very sturdy great heavy feel to it though like the other guy said the scissor spring will pop out if pressed down to far which isn't very far so that definitely has to be fixed in later models, but overall great.

    Review of: Gerber 01471 Suspension Satin Multi Tool
  • Chase

    This knife was amazing! Almost as good as a original Swiss Army Knife. Great for hiking and survival defiantly recommended

    Review of: Coghlans 11 Function Army Knife
  • Chandler

    Great multi-tool! Lots of bang for your buck!

    Review of: Multi Tools Gerber Flik Multi-Tool Black