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Night Watchman Mini Spy Camera


Reliable gear to help you spy on that cutie from across the room.

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When you’re doing undercover work, you need reliable gear and tools to get the job done! Our inventory of Spy Gear includes spy cameras in all shapes and sizes with features like HD recording capability and night vision.


  • Do you have secret cameras?
    Yes, we have a few spy cameras that record high-quality video and are so discreet that no one will know that they’re keeping watch on your home or office.
  • Is there anything here to hide small valuables in?
    We have some safes that are suitable for hiding valuable like loose jewels in and hide in plain sight as common everyday items.
  • What’s the range of your listening devices?
    The pro listening device that we have allows you to hear and record sounds clearly at up to 300 feet away.