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Trailblazer Wool Blanket


A wide variety of blankets and bedding for any occasion or trip you may take.

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Our Bedding department includes a wide variety of blankets, in different materials, whether you need one for the bedroom or the campsite. We have an array of blankets in wool, faux fur, and waterproof nylon.


  • What kind of bedding do you have?
    In our bedding inventory, we stock a variety of faux-fur blankets in different designs and wool blankets in different colors.
  • Will your faux-fur blankets fit a bed or are they just throw blankets?
    All of our faux-fur blankets are more or less queen-sized at 70”x 90”.
  • What are your wool blankets like?
    Our selection of wool blankets are from 70 to 90-percent wool, come in a few colors and are a nice size of 64”x 84”.