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Colombian Colossal Spearhead With Sheath


A great variety of spears at piercing prices.

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One of the earliest weapons of man, Spears have continued, through the ages, to hold a relevant place in survival and hunting tools. They have been some of the most reliable and effective hunting and fighting tools in all eras. has a collection of Spears that includes traditional styles and modern tactical styles, plus, we also carry spear heads that will conveniently fit in your survival gear or bug-out bag. The spears that we carry come in a variety of shaft lengths with a variety of blade sizes, and in a range of materials from wood and stainless steel to reinforced fiberglass and high carbon steel. Our wide selection also includes tri-edged spears, break-down spears and fantasy collectibles from popular brands like M48, Colombian Survival and even Kit Rae.


  • What can I use a spear for?
    One of the earliest weapons of man, spears have been some of the most reliable and effective hunting and fighting tools in all eras. This continues to be true!
  • Are spears just a blade tip on a wooden staff like I’ve seen in pictures and shows about primitive times?
    No, definitely not! Spears have come so much further than that in this day and age. Here, you’ll find a tactical spear with a spiral, tri-edged head and a glass-fiber-reinforced nylon shaft or a break-down spear with a slim, double-edged blade topping a heavy-duty, steel tube shaft. And that’s just two of the spear options you can get here.
  • Do you carry traditional spears that are suitable for display or for use with a costume or in a theatrical production?
    Yes, we have some spears that were inspired by both primitive and native weapons. They are painstakingly designed to be attractive replica display pieces with details like feathers and leather wrapping. However, be aware that these traditional spears still have sharp points and edges.
  • What’s difference in a polearm and a spear?
    Both bladed weapons mounted on a staff, the primary difference in a polearm and a spear is the position that the blade is mounted. A polearm’s blade is mounted on the side of the staff at the top and a spear comes straight out of the top of the staff.
  • What’s a naginata?
    A naginata is a weapon that was used in feudal Japan. It consists of a curved, single-edged blade mounted on a wooden or metal pole with a handguard between the blade and the shaft.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Clayton W. Black(Owasso, Oklahoma) - M48 Spear

    This is a very well made tool. Attention to detail in materials, design, and construction. Well balanced with a handle design that will allow the use as a hiking staff. The handle is a little bit short for me to use as hiking staff, I am six foot one inch. The blade is heavy duty. I really like this Tool.

    Review of: United M48 Survival Spear
  • Derik B.(Glens falls NY) - The Reaper would be proud

    I have been obsessed with the reaper for as long as I can remember but have never been able to find a decent replica of the scythe, sure I have a bunch of field and hand scythes but they just don't have the same impact, This work of art is massive, razor sharp, and beautiful. It was kind of hard to line the blade up with the snath but once I got it, it was time well spent. My favorite part about it though, was the look on my neighbors face when I walked it up the stairs. it is worth every penny, a must have.

    Review of: Grim Reaper Sickle
  • flora(texas) - 70 inch spear

    It is a beautiful spear and more than i expected. bought it for one of my son's friends for christmas. he was very impressed with it. the only problem we had with it was that the spear or tip was not attached. other than that i think it was a good buy for the price.

    Review of: 70 Inch African Spear Wood Handle
  • Roger(Ohio) - Kit Rae Ellexdrow War Spear

    My first Kit Rae piece, and I am overjoyed with the Ellexdrow spear. Once again Budk and United Cutlery has produce an excellent product. I was looking for something different, I collect the Lord Of The Rings swords, and I am glad to to have purchased the Ellexdrow.

    Review of: Kit Rae Ellexdrow War Spear With Art Print
  • Jake(U.S) - M48 Apocolypse Spear

    This spear is awesome the handle is strong yet a certain amount flexible without breaking and the blade is very thick, overall this is a very solid spear. Usually the way products are really put up on a pedestal in their description is overdone but this one is actually better than the description.

    Review of: M48 Apocalypse Spear