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Timber Wolf Full Tang Ninja Sword


Battle-ready Ninja Swords at the lowest prices around!

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In addition to a sword, Ninja warriors carried a variety of weapons including nunchaku, shuriken, staffs, chain whips, escrima, caltrops and hand claws. Here, at, we have a large selection of gear for the modern Ninja, which are also perfect for undercover operations use. Check out our variety of shuriken or throwing stars, which range from traditional to tactical, and our nunchaku, which caters to every level of enthusiast. When it comes to Ninja swords, you’ll find that our versatile, battle-ready blades add the perfect touch to your Ninja gear.


  • What’s a Ninja sword?
    The swords in our Ninja Sword category are all lightweight, and discreet tactical weapons, perfect for undercover missions.
  • How do you carry the twin swords?
    The twin swords that we have can be carried in the included adjustable shoulder harness. Each sword is housed in its own sheath, which is positioned for easy access.
  • What is spring steel?
    Among the toughest of all high carbon steels, “spring” steel is known for its yield strength, deformation resistance and ability to return to its original shape after being subjected to extreme bending, twisting and other stress.