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Wood Nunchaku Black With Ball Bearing Chain


Choose your nunchakus, and add a compact, impressive piece to your collection at an affordable price.

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When people think about nunchaku (AKA nunchucks), most think of martial arts movies — but nunchucks are a formidable weapon in their own right.’s selection of nunchaku caters to every level of nunchuck enthusiast, from training nunchucks to hardwood nunchaku.


  • What are Nunchaku?
    Nunchakus, also known as nunchucks, are a traditional Okinawan weapon. Basically, they are two sticks connected by a short chain or rope. Traditionally, they were made of wood but, today, they’re crafted of a variety of materials. Nunchucks were primarily used as training weapons to improve hand dexterity and posture.
  • How do you use nunchucks?
    Hold one of the handles firmly and twirl the nunchucks in a figure-eight motion, letting the other handle swing freely, then, once you’re comfortable with the twirling motion, practice passing them from hand-to-hand. You can also pass them over your shoulder and under your arm, switching from one hand to the other during the motion. This takes practice to make this move in one fluid motion. These are the basic moves, but more tricks can be found online.
  • What are nunchucks used for today?
    Just like in the past, nunchucks are primarily used as a training weapon in martials arts schools. However, there are competitions where competitors are judged on their tricks and skills with them. There are also some organized tournaments where nunchucks are actually used in fighting.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Erik Richards(Sterling, VA) - Great Buy

    I bought these things a while back and thought it looked amazing; purpose of me purchasing it; really worth the value. Then just a month ago I actually started to use them having no knowledge of these at all. These are the real deal and now I know why nunchaku are considered lethal weapons. They're really sturdy, got a teensy bit scratched after a month of hitting walls and desks by accident, but you can't even notice because it's clear. I've hit myself about 4 times now and 2 I was sure I broke something and almost did... be careful!

    Review of: United Cutlery Dragon Acrylic Nunchakus
  • Devin Duvall(Wickliffe , OH) - just really excited

    I bought these out of all the other nunchucks on this site because they look like they can do some damage and not just nice to look at! I read a lot about different types of wood and rattan came up as being pretty strong. I might get the rattan pair too when these arrive. Oh and Bruce Lee is why I'm herrre! haha

    Review of: United Cutlery Black Wood Nunchakus
  • Stephen Newbury(KS) - chuku

    If these are used for what they are intended for, they are great, they are not for actually hitting anything(kinda sorta), but they are great for getting rhythms, and experience in reactions to certain movements. They are similar in weight & proportions to other chuku's , and are a really good training tool, especially if you are getting weary of beating yourself up. Even experienced users have lumps on their heads, that are not supposed to be there.

    Review of: United Cutlery Rubberchuck Practice Nunchakus
  • Dalan(boise, ID) - Rattan nunchaku review

    these are very nice nunchucks. the only problem is that after a while the bottom of the chuck started to split in slivers just on the out side like they didnt get it good with the finish. nothing a lil super glue wont fix.

    Review of: United Cutlery Rattan Nunchakus
  • Shredder(Minnesota) - Nice

    Great nunchucks, I got them ahwile ago and they still work nicely. The metal connection is very sturdy, but somewhat limits movement. Great buy!! I would definately reccomend this!(Which is what I am doing;)

    Review of: United Cutlery Deluxe Rubbachuck Nunchakus