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Honshu Boshin Saber Sword


Largest selection battle-ready of Sabers to fit any budget.

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The Saber Sword, which was introduced by Hussars of Central-Eastern Europe, made its way to Western Europe during the Thirty Year’s War. This curved blade sword was especially associated with light cavalry troops and became really popular with infantry in the late 17th Century. has many sabers to choose from including spot-on, historical replicas and battle-ready tactical weapons. When you are looking for the absolute best in the market, is the only place to be.


  • What’s the difference between a cutlass and a saber?
    The main difference is that s cutlass has a shorter and wider blade as it was meant to be used on a ship where space is limited. It’s basically a shorter saber.
  • Do you have historical reproduction sabers?
    We have several historical replica sabers including USMC ceremonial, Confederate, American Revolution and the Texas Dragoon.
  • Why do the handguards on the saber look like they do?
    The purpose of the D-shaped handguard is to protect the hand and knuckles when fighting.