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USMC Operation Mako Knife


A huge selection of Fixed Blade Knives.

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  • What classifies a knife as a fixed blade knife?
    A fixed blade knife has a blade supported by a handle secured to a tang. The blade is considered a fixed blade because it doesn’t fold into a handle. A fixed blade usually comes with a sheath to house the blade.
  • What brand of fixed blade knives do you have?
    We have, in our inventory, fixed blade knives from Timber Rattler, Hibben Knives, Ridge Runner, KA-BAR and Schrade.
  • What kind of steel do your fixed blades have?
    Our fixed blade knives come with pretty much any type of steel you want including stainless steel, Damascus steel, D2 tool steel and high carbon steel.
  • What’s the best use for a fixed blade knife?
    A fixed blade is a must-have for so many daily tasks but is really a necessity when camping, hiking or hunting.