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Gold Stiletto Automatic Knife


Not only stylish and classy but these razor-sharp stiletto knives are also crafted with premium materials. Our stilettos are switchblade-style knives that are made with high-quality carbon or Damascus steel. Order today and know you’re getting a quality everyday carry knife!

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Nothing says “style and class” quite like a stiletto knife. Our collection of sleek, Italian stilettos come with handles crafted from mother-of-pearl, abalone, bone or premium wood. Additionally we offer stiletto knives by popular knife brands like Ridge Runner, Kriegar, Kissing Crane and more. This way, you know our stiletto switchblade-styled knives are made with quality high-carbon steel or Damascus steel. Order today and you’ll know you’ve got a razor-sharp, everyday carry knife that makes a statement!


  • Where did the stiletto knife come from?
    The stiletto knife was brought home by American soldiers after W.W.II and gained in popularity, especially in the Fifties.
  • What designates a knife as a stiletto?
    A stiletto knife has a slim profile from handle to blade, which is a dagger style. The handle has a bolster on each end. The blade can either come from the side of the handle or straight from the front of the handle.
  • Do you have the traditional automatic stilettos like you see on movies?
    Yes, we do have a couple of automatic stiletto knives with a slide trigger opening like the style that’s been featured in films.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Duke

    Very sturdy, good quality especially for the price. Reasonably sharp out of the box. Quick and didn't have to immediately adjust screws like a lot of knives built in similar ways. I just ordered a second one because my first one "got lost" when I left it at a friend's house and she moved out. I'm tired of waiting on it to turn up, this was my favorite daily carry! It was a little thicker than I expected but not really an issue. I don't think I've ever had a knife I liked this much that I only paid 10 bucks for.

    Review of: Stiletto FOlder Micarta Black Blade
  • disastertech

    This is a very cool blade. Unlike the cold steel version (which i like very much) it is more affordable and has a sprung blade so it doesn't come open in your pocket and stab the heck out of your hand when you go to reach for it. It also excites your friends (and strangers) when you whip it out lol. Definitely worth buying.

    Review of: United Cutlery Rampage Stiletto Assisted Open Black
  • zito

    This is a really sweet knife. The handle looks and feels amazing, the spring assist system is lightning fast. The blade is razor sharp, and the mechanism is so fast you could be fooled into thinking it was a switchblade.

    Review of: Stiletto Folder Imitation Black Pearl Black Blade
  • Felix Medina

    great knife, very sturdy not as sharp as i expected but a quick sharpening fixed that right up. my order was about a day late and the lock hurts the finger if you open a close the knife repeatedly, in general beautiful knife.

    Review of: Kissing Crane Burnt Bone Damascus Stiletto Folding Knife
  • B. Page

    I was very surprised of the quality and craftsmanship of this knife. I must admit I was skeptical but when I opened the box and examined it for the first time I was very impressed. Truly a knife that could be displayed in any collection.

    Review of: Kissing Crane Pink And White Bone Stiletto