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Gil Hibben Gentleman Buckle Knife


The ultimate self-defense tool, a push dagger, is compact and powerful. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, a push dagger is a go-to for any situation. We carry various styles to choose from, like the Gil Hibben Buckle Knife, M48 cyclone style, Mini Push Dagger and the Traditional Punch Knife.

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Ideal as both a collectible and self-defense weapon, push daggers are a highly sought-after compact blade. carries push knives in a variety of styles, with T-handles for every size hand, and blades for every application. Protect yourself and expand your armory with a tactical blade, a classic Cold Steel model or even a mini push dagger — the choice is yours.


  • What’s a push dagger?
    A short dagger with a “T” handle design, this fixed blade is an excellent discreet self-defense weapon. The generally compact size makes it easily concealable, and it’s used with a punching or pushing force gripped between the middle and index fingers in a closed fist.
  • Where did push daggers come from originally?
    The earliest known forms of push daggers are thought to have originated in India with the development of kataras, or punch daggers, in the mid-16th century. Among the designs found today is the American push dagger, which became well known in the 1800s. Increased numbers of Americans began carrying push daggers as personal defense weapons during this time.
  • What’s a push dagger used for today?
    Push daggers are still used as personal defense weapons because they are so easy to conceal and are very effective. They are designed to fit in your hand without notice. Be sure to check out all of our styles.
  • What push dagger is right for me?
    We carry something for everyone! Whether you need to conceal your dagger as a belt buckle all the way to a modern style punch dagger. We carry all the brands you know and love such as Gil Hibben, Honshu, M48, USMC and much more. You'll be sure to find the perfect push dagger for any situation.

Top Customer Reviews

  • Robert Gongaware
    Great dagger — good value

    Good quality push dagger. Has a substantial handle for safety. Fits under body armor and clip works with Molle straps.Great “get off me” knife.

    Review of: Honshu Small Covert Defense Push Dagger
  • Paul Andersen
    Excellent push knife

    I bought two years ago. Loved them. Lost one. So, of course, I had to buy another. They are great and very handy if you need some protection. Buy one and you will not be disappointed.

    Review of: Combat Commander Mini Black Push Dagger
  • Robert Baize
    perfect concealed carry weapon

    I have worn my belt knife for years. It does not matter if in a suit or jeans it looks great. It is really nice to know I have something if things go bad. Many places you cannot carry but this is so well hidden that no one knows you have it. I have actually worn mine so much that I had to get a second belt.

    Review of: Gil Hibben Gentleman Buckle Knife
  • Steve
    Don't leave home without it!

    Well made, this thing can get you out of a jam in a defensive situation! Deadly! Thanks again M48 and Bud K!

    Review of: M48 Cyclone Push Dagger
    USMC Push Dagger

    Delivery was very quick as usual, Dagger is well made, very sharp and solidly constructed. A very recommended purchase.

    Review of: USMC Push Dagger