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Black Manriki Chain


A large variety of ninja weapons to surprise everyone.

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Ninja warriors carried a variety of weapons. We offer a wide selection of Ninja Gear including bo staffs, chain whips, escrima, caltrops and hand claws.


  • What kinds of Ninja weapons do you have?
    We have a variety of Ninja weapons including fighting staffs and sticks, chain weapons, hand claws and caltrops.
  • Are your Ninja weapons actually functional?
    Absolutely functional! Our Ninja stars are sharp and pointed, our fighting staffs are sturdy and durable, and the rest of our weapons mean business, too. These are definitely not toys!
  • What is the difference between a bo staff and a jo staff?
    The only difference between the two martial arts fighting staffs is the overall length. A bo is usually around 6’ and a jo is usually around 4’.
  • What is a caltrop?
    Used since Roman times, the caltrop is a very efficient way to deny entry into an area as it is designed with piercing points and modern versions are even capable of piercing vehicle tires. They are a great perimeter security measure for your property, when scattered strategically.

Top Customer Reviews

  • John(Deltona, Fl) - Professional Stainless Steel Chain Whip

    This thing is scary. I love to practice with my swords, knives and other weapons. Not this whip, Yet. I need to figure out how to use it without doing damage to myself. I am convinced that once I do, this will be one serious weapon.

    Review of: Professional Stainless Chain Whip
  • Villain(Waldorf, MD) - Better than expected
    Review of: Deluxe Octagon Sai
  • Bob Cole(Spaprks NV) - martial arts fan

    Nice fan. Moves a lot of air. One thing that is worth knowing is that this fan is not for the small handed person. It takes a consideral amount of strength to correctly use this fan.

    Review of: Martial Arts Fan Black
  • Doug(Connecticut) - Outstanding

    The quality of this item is fantastic. My family finds it useful as a walking stick (arthritic knees dont'cha know)or for countless other uses indoors and out. The price is very fair. The 4' length makes the better walking stick unless you are a really large person. Whatever your needs in a staff, walking or hiking pole or for training in martial arts, this Wax Wood staff deserves your careful consideration. It DOES the job!

    Review of: 4 Foot Wax Wood Staff
  • Eric Waydick(Saint Francis, WI) - Reverse Assembly

    The solid steel portions of the hook are sturdy. The top nut was put on with an adhesive, like Locktite, which kept it in place very well. The hook cross member closest to the cap nut is threaded, which makes it far more stable. The other cross member floats free. The spring should be on the other side of the floating hook to push it up into the threaded hook, and the threaded hook should be thread-locked to the cap nut. When this is done, the hook can be collapsed and returned to service quickly. The way the picture shows it assembled on the box and the way it came leaves no reason for including the spring. By butting the cross member against the cap nut, the number of load-bearing threads are doubled. The rope included is fairly high quality, but I would upgrade to a more secure knot before risking suspending myself from it. The weight is very good for short-to-medium distance throws.

    Review of: Black Hornet Ninja Gear Folding Grappling Hook