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Black Ink Pen Knife


Reliable tactical pens and kubatons.

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A Tactical Pen or Kubaton is often your last line of defense against an attacker! carries a variety with features like glass breakers, DNA collectors, hidden blades, keyrings and refillable ink cartridges.


  • What’s a kubaton?
    A kubaton is a stick about five to six inches in length made of a hard material like wood, metal or heavy-duty plastic. It usually has a lanyard hole so it can be carried on a key ring. A kubaton is used with a stabbing motion.
  • What’s a tactical pen?
    A tactical pen is a discreet self-defense weapon that, like its name implies, looks just like an ink pen and some do actually function as an ink pen. They can have hidden blades, glass breaker tips or DNA collectors and all can be used as kubatons.
  • Can a tactical pen or kubaton be carried on an air plane?
    Nope. The TSA will not let you bring a tactical pen or kubaton in your carry-on bag. They will need to be packed in your checked bags.