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Fully charged devices at the blink of an eye with these solar powered devices.

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  • What kind of solar-powered products do you have?
    Our solar-powered products range from electronics chargers and power banks to lights and emergency radios.
  • What does mAh mean?
    Milliampere houri s what the abbreviation mAh stands for and it is the measurement of the energy stored in a battery. It’s the amount of energy that gives you one milliampere of current for one hour.
  • Why do I need a solar charger and power bank?
    There are so many reasons that you need to get a solar charger and power bank but the most important is you it in case of an emergency! It’s also great for camping, hiking, boating and just traveling in general.
  • What’s a power bank?
    The power banks that we carry have lithium-ion polymer batteries that store the power to charge your electronic devices. The batteries are charged by crystalline silicon solar panels and can also be charged via a USB cord.